Monday, January 11, 2010

Music Monday


I feel like my life is going on around me and I'm in a haze. I guess it's that early preggers brain or something. Saturday we had a birthday party for my nephew who turned the big ol' ONE! He's such a cutie!! Then we went out with my sister and her boyfriend for dinner & dessert. I definitely don't make enough time for my sis!!  Overall it was a good weekend, even though I didn't get my Sunday afternoon nap :(

There's no theme for today's Music Monday over at Keeping Up With The Kellys , which means I get to pick whatever I want to pickle your brains today!! Just kidding, I'll try to keep my craziness under control for you. So far it looks like Miley Cyrus has been posted twice, once at We 5 Kings and also over at The Mitchell's . So I am DEFINITELY not posting a Miley song. :)

 Instead, I'm posting a song off of my girls' new favorite CD, this is the title track. Britt Nicole is actually a North Carolina girl (which you can tell from her accent!!!  too cute!)  I haven't ever seen the video before today, but it's definitely great! We have oppportunities to reach out to people every day (here is an opportunity I missed out on).
Enjoy it!!


  1. WOW!! This is encouraging. Thanks for sharing.

  2. wow! What a great song and video!! It really touched me!Thanks for sharing!

  3. Neat video! Britt seems like a genuine person. :) Thanks for the visit!

  4. So I had no idea that this video was not showing up the way it should!! I apologize everybody!!

  5. I have heard a lot of good things about her! :)


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