Thursday, February 5, 2009

Things about Me

**** Update as of 10/15/13****

So now I'm still a mom and wife. Now I have three sweet babies, one in middle school, one in elementary school and one preschooler. I now have more kids in heaven than here on earth with me. And I'm ok with that. God knows what He's doing.  I'm also a full time student (WHAT?!?) I know!! But it's where I'm at right now.

Both of my school age kids are back in public school. It's not terrible like I thought. I still teach them the most important things at home.

I'm not 25 anymore.

Or 26.

Or even 30, but that's all I'm willing to tell you.

(Now back to the post from 2009- enjoy!)


It's time for another Thursday things... so here we go...

I realize that I started this particular blog a few months ago, but really didn't do an introduction to "me", and since I can't think of anything better to write today...

Things about Me

1. I am a follower of Jesus.

2. I am always me, but because I'm just random, I may not consistently be the me you think I am.

3. I am a wife to one, mother of two, sister of four, cousin of a bazillion, daughter of two, niece to eleven, and friend to hopefully many.

4. I homeschool my kids, because public school is just not an option.

5. I have probably lived more life than you.

6. I have either worked or been offered the following jobs: sales associate, cashier, model, secretary, file clerk, legal case manager, inside sales manager, accounts manager, exotic dancer, director of human resources, statistician, background vocalist, dispatcher and shipping coordinator. I'll let you decide which ones I actually worked.

7. If my flesh is just my "tent", then my tent is always in need of repair :)

8. I sing, really and truly, a LOT! Music is my passion, but becomes meaningless without God in it.

9. I play piano, but not as good as I used to.

10. I know a few chords on the guitar but would like to learn more. I can play drums, but you wouldn't want me in your band :)

11. My house is always a mess in my opinion- even if I've spent days cleaning it, it will always be dirty in my eyes.

12. I'm just like you because I'm one of a kind.

13. I just laughed because I just read the "labels for this post" thing at the bottom of the post frame and it says "scooters, vacation, fall". random and funny! I will be using these for this post....

14. This blog is going NOWHERE, but I'm gonna write some more because....

15. I lack self discipline in a lot of ways.

16. I don't believe humans should wear shoes. Really, they're kind of pointless.
except in snow of course.

17. I would love to write a book about my life, but I'd have to change all the names and publish under a pseudonym because there are some things from my life that would make a great story, but they'd ruin others.

18. I have been set free by the only One who can set us free. Ask me more about that one if you want!!

19. My middle name is.... i'm not telling you because you might try to steal my identity. Mama i'm not telling you because you might try to steal my identity Bee.

20. My last name is NEVER pronounced right, even though it's not a hard name!

21. My arms and legs are not proportionate to the rest of my body, but that's because my father is that sasquatch thing from Harry and the Hendersons.

22. Okay, I lied in the second half of the last one.

23. I'm trying not to stretch truths or tell lies- it's a nasty habit that's hard to break.

24. I look much older than my age of 25.

25. Okay, I just lied again about my age. I'm 26.

26. Not really, I'm older than that, but I'm not yet thirty, and that IS the truth.

27. I need to give my littlest one a bath, so I'm gonna wrap this up now....

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  1. This post made me smile. I love getting to know more about you. I especially loved #7 and 11. I'm with you on both of those.


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