Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dancing Queen Wannabe

Confessions from a Working Mom

So it's time to get honest again. I mean, I'm always honest in my blogging, but you know, it's TRUTHFUL TUESDAY!!

Elizabeth's question of the day:

What talent do you wish you have...

but don't?

Where to start, where to start..... let's see...

Obviously, I wish I was able to write!! Like really write. I'd love to be a talented blogger with thousands of followers like so many of you are, but it's just not gonna happen for me. I can't come up with a streamline theme for my blog, like writing about motherhood or crafts or food or whatever, because I'm not that focus minded. Not to mention, I'm just a terrible writer!! I'm the queen of run on sentences, mispelin (I did that on purpose- if you can't figure it out, email me) and BAD GRAMMAR!!

Another talent I would love to have is the ability to dance. I was born with two left arms as legs, which is much worse than two left feet!! Now before your mind gets carried away, I was not really born with two left arms- I was just trying to paint you a picture of how UNGRACEFUL I really am. I watch people who pour their heart and soul out in their movements, and I have tried, really I have, but I'm a self professed stumble-ina. I took dance (jazz, tap and ballet) for about 3 years as a child, and while I wasn't terrible, I just knew I looked like a dodo bird out on the stage at recitals. Thankfully, it appears both of my daughters will be much better at these things than I.

I shouldn't complain though. I can carry a tune, and I have the privilege of helping lead worship at my church every single Sunday and Wednesday night. People ask me to sing at special functions (like an upcoming Valentines dinner for single moms). I don't think I'm nearly as talented as other people do, but I'm honored to be able to do what dancers do with my voice (at least sometimes!). And I was blessed with a somewhat natural ability to play the piano. So I can say that I'm much more musically inclined, which maybe makes up for my lack in GRACE AND POISE!!

So what about you?? What talent to you WISH you had??? Jump on the McLinky over at Confessions of a Working Mom and share your wish with the world.  

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  1. Wow we have a lot of similar talent wants! I totally agree with you about the writing thing! haha, I am so like that too.

  2. I wish I could draw, sew and paint (anything other than flat walls). You know....the stuff people have in their Etsy shops. I can't even draw stick people correctly!

  3. I wish I was a better writer too. I read some blogs and they just inspire me, but I will just trudge along and write like I did in highschool.

    I'll keep following...run on sentences and all. As long as you follow my run on sentences. ;-)

  4. It's funny, you can sing and want to dance; I can dance and want to sing! And I think we ALL want to be awesome bloggers-- but that's a work in progress, right?

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  5. No problem, it's never to late! :) I guess maybe those jitters never go away, but at least you are still up there using your God-given talent! Have a wonderful day!


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