Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Please don't be hatin'...

So I promised something new everyday for the days leading up to Christmas, but I FAILED. Oh well. Sorry guys and girls.... I will still post 25 posts for Christmas, so I'll be making these up. Our internet went out sometime yesterday, then I had to start cleaning/decorating/prepping food for the party I had last night (SO MUCH FUN!!), and today I had to take my hubby to Raleigh for some certification test, which meant I had to go shopping at Crabtree Valley Mall. After all I had to kill time by doing something!!

Maybe tonight when I get home I'll get a chance to toss out a few ideas to make up for day 7 and day 8.


OH- and I'll be adding my Christmas card for the SITStah's who stop by too :)

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