Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day 7- Centerpiece

Time to play catch up....

I made this centerpiece on Monday (it was moved from it's original location, so the bottom is a little busy)...

All I did was throw some green and red matte and shiny ornaments of different sizes in a fishbowl type globe with some white lights, and added a few pinecones for variation... Then I broke a gold strand of beads (originally garland) and tossed them in for a little something extra. I placed the whole thing on a mirrored tile, and voila!! The trick is to keep the cord from showing (which is why I have place mats lined up underneath).

Here's the backside (you can see the cord) when it's all lit up....

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  1. Pretty, pretty, pretty. You are so creative Rhonda. You are doing a great job with your 25 days of Christmas.


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