Monday, December 14, 2009

Music Monday


Wow I'm having trouble getting my act together this morning. I've been trying to post this for about 30 minutes now, but I kept getting html errors, what's up with that?? ANYway, Tara hasn't assigned a theme to today's MM, so it's a free for all!! If you wanna join in, click the pic above and hop on the McLinky!

My friend Marc gave me the Chris Tomlin Christmas CD, "Glory in the Highest", the other day. I love Chris Tomlin, but I've never owned any of his CDs (I KNOW, for me to be so into worship music, you'd think I'd have to possess one of his CDs....well I do now, so read on!!). The CD has a lot of Christmas carols on it, with a few new songs. My favorite one, however, is one of the ones NOT sung by Chris Tomlin. This one is by Audrey Assad (and on the CD Chris sings a harmony line). I was first introduced to her music through the story of Kate McRae. Shortly after the diagnosis for Kate, Audrey wrote a song called, Little Light, which is just beautiful. So when I heard her voice driving down the road listening to the Chris Tomlin CD, I looked to see who sang it, and sure enough, it's who I thought. What an amazing song, and even more, what an amazing voice...


  1. I can see way you enjoy her songs...absolutely beautiful voice! Thank you for sharing her song.

  2. Ever since I saw that CD, I have been wanting it. She does have a beautiful voice and I do love Chris favorite Cont. Christian singer.

  3. Her voice is amazing! I love Chris Tomlin! Now I've got to check out more of her music!

    Popping over from SITs :)


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