Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day 5- Parade!!

Since we're counting down to Christmas, I have to recommend that you either attend or participate in a Christmas parade. We walked in the Asheboro Christmas Parade last night with a homeschool group, and Lady M loved it! She's never been in a parade, so it was a BIG DEAL for her! It's so much fun, and around here, parades are typically only held at Christmas (I think Greensboro does a Fourth of July thing, and there's a Veteran's Day Parade around here somewhere... but you get my point). It's fun to see all the floats and dancers, bands and pageant winners. Then the big she-bang, SANTA at the end!

Here is a pic of Lady M holding the homeschool group banner- she's the one right in the middle, with the red earwarmer things under her off white hooded jacket.

Tomorrow I'm posting another super yummy recipe for those Christmas parties, make sure you come check it out!

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