Monday, November 16, 2009

Possibly the best day ever....

I realize I haven't blogged in 3 days, and I'm SO very sorry to anyone who is trying to read but finding nothing new... it's been so crazy! Since Miss Priss was sick all last week, the weekend and this week will be lived in double time to make up for what was cancelled or rescheduled last week. BUT let me just give a quick shout out to GOD because HE IS SO AWESOME!!

I started my day out wonderfully. I had a 10:30 appointment with the reproductive endocrinologist this morning, so we were up and moving to get the girls to mom's house by 9. On the way to Mom's, I was listening to our local Christian station (WBFJ) and they had a contest to win a family four pack of tickets to WinterFest 2010 at Liberty University. Now, I do NOT usually bother calling in to try to win anything, simply because I'm too nervous. I have phone-a-phobia (which is a word I just made up)- I hate calling people. The only person I EVER call is my mom, and very few other people only on a have-to basis. So it was very strange of me to suddenly decide to try to win the contest.

I dialed the number, and the phone rang.... and rang.... and rang.... I didn't think anyone was ever going to answer after it rang through almost an entire song. But finally, one of the deejays, Darrin, answered. And I got to play the game.

And I won!!

So that started my day of fantabulously. I dropped the girls off and headed to Dr. Yalcinkaya's office. I got there early, which just never happens for me, so I had to time to peruse magazines (which I love to do). So, after a bit of a wait, I was called back. And I finally have a diagnosis that probably caused my mulitple miscarriages.... PCOS. Yep, I kinda thought that may have been it when I started swelling up like a tick and other much more nasty things. THANKFULLY, I have the rare and mild form of PCOS, where I actually over-ovulate. My doctor said my ovaries look like that of a 25 year old (which is good since I'm 30). So, with a prescription in my hand, he said that I can get busy trying to get pregnant next month. WOO-HOO!! I am so very excited :)

And finally, I went by the mall just to window shop. And get a white chocolate mocha. So in my walking and gazing, I was harrassed first by the peope who insist that they have to give you a dead sea salt hand treatment. But since I was in a good mood, I obliged. Of course, after my nails were shined, I walked away without buying anything.

I didn't see the next one coming though.

A few kiosks farther down, I was approached by a young woman who wanted to show me the products she was selling (flat irons). She sat me down on a stool and proceeded to tell me in her thick accent about the awesome flat irons, how they smooth and work to make your hair look amazing without damaging or burning the hair... Also, they could be used to curl the hair as well (which she made me try on my own..... and I'm no good at it... ). I had no intention of buying one.

Until the best thing happened.

She said, "I'm not supposed to do this, but I really want to sell you this, and this promotion ended last month, but I'll sell you this for half price, and since you're a STUDENT..... "....

I don't know what she said after that, something about more discounts, but I was so flabbergasted that she apparently thought I was a college student, that I, with my full heart, bought that $79 flat iron and will use it everyday.  I did not DARE to correct her and tell her I'm a 30 year old mother of 2, and that it had been YEARS since I took a college class.

Everytime I heat it up and start working on my hair, I will look in the mirror and say, "Oh, girl, you look good, what year are you? Oh, me? I'm a junior, working on my business degree...."

Okay, I won't talk to myself, but you can bet it made my day.

Now, please do not leave me a comment telling me that I am a sucker, and that the sweet young woman knew that I needed to hear that to buy her product.

So there's my daily wrap up. I have every intention of participating in the Music Monday meme today, but I have to go pick up my girls from my mom's house.... And I'll be thanking God all the way for such an awesomely wonderful perfect day.


  1. I will leave you a comment and tell you that you do look young...seriously! What's a number any way? You look as old as you feel, so you must be feeling pretty good...must have been that great Dr. visit. Glad you had such a wonderful Monday!!!

  2. This post AWESOME....PRAISE JESUS for your report! Do you know that tomorrow I am telling the world that I hate calling people too!! I think we are on the same wavelength seriously. And, a while back I wrote a post on those irritating people trying to sell me fake ponytails to go into my bob hairstyle along with flatirons when it is so obvious I already use one!! They completely drive me NUTS!! I just say "no thank you" and keep walking.


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