Monday, November 16, 2009

Music Monday

Quickly posting because I am working on my brand new made by myself layout and blog makeover (again)..

At the end of my fabulously wonderful day, I can't help but wonder what would've happened today if I hadn't made an important change in my life about 9 years ago. Where would I be? Would I still be a "prodigal", running away from everything I knew to be good and true? It's amazing to know that I am alive, married with 2  children, and have NO addictions (except maybe to caffiene), which is so very different from the place I was in 2000. Funny how we change... and amazing how God works it all out in us...

So my song for the day is a favorite of mine.... I hope you enjoy. And even more, I hope you know the HOPE that is shown in this video. It's real, and it can be yours.

*a side note: i am still working on my "heartfelt award" winners... it's just taking me a lot longer than i expected.... i have 5, i need 4 more...

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