Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Who's at the wheel?

I just have to say that God has been doing some awesome things in my life and in my family recently. Have you ever just realized that, 'WOW, God really has been working on these things, the ones I was so worried about, the ones I thought I could fix or could "help out" with, and He has done it all, without me controlling the situation, despite my busy mind and busy life, HE is still the one who can turn things around'. I remember just a few years ago, thinking that some things were beyond repair in my life, but holding out just a smidge of hope that God had other plans, and BOY did He ever!! Thanks GOD!!

Last year when I was in Concord/Charlotte at the worship conference, I was in a seminar taught by Glenn Packiam of New Life Church in Colorado. He was explaining how we sometimes are thinking we are "helping" God, when in fact, we're just in the way. He said it's kind of like when he's checking his email and trying to respond. His little daughter would come climb up on his lap and peck-peck-peck at the keyboard, telling him that she is helping him send his email. He said he would just sit and wait, smiling, telling her thank you, I appreciate your help..... but as soon as she would walk away, feeling sure of herself because she was helping, he would have to hit delete-delete-delete, smiling all the while, knowing that his daughter had the best intentions, but that what she'd typed had not been what needed to be said. Isn't that just like us? I know it's like me. I tend to think that I can be in control, and if I can't step in and help such-and-such person, or fix this situation, well, it's just not going to get done. Or maybe it won't be done as fast or as well, either way, I HAVE to be involved. It's not that I am trying to be God, at least not on purpose, but sometimes I think my desire to serve Him becomes more of an "okay God I got this one, You can trust this to me" situation. And even as I type this, I realize, that's exactly what I'm doing. I'm telling God I can do something without Him. Hello, can we say, PRIDE?!

Today, God's working on my strongholds, and I'm praying that as my life and heart is opened more by those chains falling away, that His Holy Spirit will invade every part of me, that my life will be more of what HE wants, in HIS time, not because I'm the first person to volunteer, or the most eager to get busy, but because HE is in control of ALL parts of me, leading and guiding me to follow Him where HE is at work and where HE wants me to be.

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