Friday, May 15, 2009

This has been a different kind of week! We found out on Wednesday that Miss Priss has pneumonia, after 2 doctor trips and a near visit to the ER by ambulance (my only reason for not going was that the last time we have to venture to the ER we spent six hours and about $200 on nothing at all). Last week, on Tuesday night, she had a pretty high fever, but Wednesday morning she woke feeling fine. Her temperature was just a bit above normal (between 99 and 100 degrees) the rest of the week, but she acted normal and had no symptoms. Then Sunday night, her fever was back to 102.8 degrees. So Monday morning, we were at the doctors office, and I was told, "She has a virus". Tuesday night, after a bath and over 24 hours of a high fever, her lips started turning blue, she was jerking and thrashing trying to catch her breath, wheezing and making other weird noises in her breathing, so of course, I was terrified. My husband was working (very) late, so I was there by myself with both Lady M and Miss Priss. I debated calling an ambulance, but decided to call my parents instead. They came over (it was about 10 pm then), and stayed with us until Miss Priss's breathing regulated and Boss came home from work. (Kudos to my awesome parents!!) So needless to say, we were at the dr office on Wednesday morning. The doctor checked her ears, nose, throat, and listened to her chest and heart, not finding anything wrong except a rapid heartbeat, so they did blood work and took a urine sample. Sweet little Miss Priss was a trooper through it all, not many kids will stay still and keep their crying to a minimum while a nurse fishes around in their arm for a good vein. After still seeing NOTHING out of the ordinary, the doctor sent us for chest xrays. Thank GOD she had enough wisdom to do this. Miss Priss's entire left lung was full (upper and lower lobes). So we've been housebound since Wednesday, and have been doing a lot of NOTHING.... while tomorrow we have 3 birthday parties, a women's meeting, and a wedding to attend, plus a housewarming party to throw for my sister.... SORRY we won't be attending all of these!! We're gonna shoot for 3 out of the 6 things to do, hopefully it won't be too much on Miss Priss, who is doing sooooo much better. God's so awesome in how he heals little people so quickly!! I'm praying that we will not have any more scares like this EVER again... and that the follow up appointment next week and chest xrays in the weeks to come will be PERFECTLY clear.

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