Monday, May 4, 2009

Sweet little things...

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Miss Priss is at such a cute age. Yes, it's the "terrible" twos, and sometimes she's just plain terrible. And other times, the things she says are soooo cute and funny.

Last week, she climbed onto the piano bench and pulled a little angel figurine off the top. It looks more like a little girl with wings, holding a wrapped present. Miss Priss asked me, "What's this?" I told her, "It's an angel." She said, "It's Mommy?" I said, "No honey, it's an angel, see it's wings?" Her response, "It's Mommy?" Again, I said, "Sweetie, these are called angels, they help us out sometimes when God tells them to." Miss Priss: "Mommy?"

So I gave in and asked, "Is this Mommy?" She got this huge satisfied smile on her face and said, "It's Mommy!", then took off running to show her sissy the mommy figurine.

How sweet of her to think of me as an angel...

Then, on another day, we were at Walmart shopping for a few random things. I was in front of the lunch meat area, when I almost backed into a man standing behind me. I apologized and said "excuse me". He said, "You're fine", meaning it was no big deal. Miss Priss then says, "You're fine too!!" to the man, who turns beet red and grins. I pushed her as fast and far away as I could so I wouldn't burst out laughing within hearing distance of the man. She apparently made his day :)

I love being able to be at home with them and not miss such cute moments. There are times when I can't stand either of them, when I'd rather box them both up and ship them off to Katmandu, but it doesn't last long, just long enough for me to realize that I'm so very blessed to have such precious little gifts!!

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