Monday, April 20, 2009


Do you ever have those days when your child seems possessed by some hateful demon, then in the next instant they give you reason to believe they are divine messengers from God? Just curious...

Lady M spent all day Friday and Saturday acting like a 16 year old, mouthing off to me with EVERYTHING I said. An example:

(Lady M is asking for some sweet junk right before dinner is ready)

Lady M: "Mom, can I have some **** (whatever the sweet thing was)?"

Mom: "No, dinner will be ready in a minute."

Lady M: "Please, Mom, I'm starving and I haven't had very much to eat today."

Mom: "Lady M, I said no. Now go play until I get dinner finished."

Lady M: "Why can't I just go ahead and eat? What's the big deal?"

Mom: "Go play. And stop being sassy. I don't like your attitude."


Yep, she's only seven. So starting three days ago, I grounded myself, er, I mean, Lady M. But it's more like punishment for me. Lady M is not allowed to leave the house except to go to church then come back home, and she's allowed to watch no TV. (This was just one example of her behavior, it was happening nonstop all day Friday). I do NOT like staying home all the time, maybe you can tell if you've read anything else I've written. I'm NOT a homebody. So I can't go to the store or anything until my husband comes home from work at dark thirty, whenever he finishes whatever he has to finish at work. Will I be bald come Friday? Yep, probably will.

Anyway, the second part of the question. Yesterday morning at church, I was on stage with the praise team running over songs for the morning before Sunday school when Lady M walks up to me and hands me a note:

Yeah- talk about a change of heart.... less than 24 hours earlier, Lady M had been screaming that she wished she never had a sister.... oh my... I can only hope she'll get this out of her system completely before she actually hits the teenage years!!

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