Monday, April 13, 2009

Today has been more of a day of rest for me than I've had in a while... holidays are always hectic, but I'm still basking in the glow of all last week held. Tuesday the girls and I went to Hanes Mall for the free John Waller concert... it was AMAZING! He sang a song called "Our God Reigns Here" and I could feel Jesus cleaning that place up all thru that song... talk about warfare!! Go listen to the song on his myspace page,

Thursday I was at LJVM Coliseum for about seven hours, volunteering for the Chris Tomlin/Israel Houghton concert. Reminder to self: never take new routes to places you aren't that familiar with. I ended up talking to Bonnie from WBFJ to direct me how to get away from wherever I was and to the Coliseum. Turns out, I didn't have to do anything once I got there, but still got to see the show for free, which was fabulous!! I've never heard much of Israel Houghton's music (at least being performed by him), but he has such a talent in singing and songwriting.... and of course, Chris Tomlin's talent goes without saying... it was a night of worship much more than it was a concert.

Friday was busy busy busy, took Miss Priss to Mom's house, Lady M to her LIFE classes, then went to lunch with Brandy, doctor's office for some meds (sinus infection), shopping for Easter baskets, then back to pick up Lady M, Miss Priss, and HOME. I was home for about an hour before my sister came to pick me up for a girl's night out, which was fun, but probably not nearly as much fun as it would have been had we both gotten more rest earlier in the week!! Whoever said that being a "stay-at-home mom" was easy???

Saturday we had 2 Easter egg hunts to go to, and Miss Priss had a meltdown midway thru the second one. We politely ran for the van and took off to Carter Brothers for an early supper, then home to get the girls ready for bed... I ended up taking an hour long bath (which I never take time for baths, I'm much more of a shower kind of girl), but I pulled out every indulgent bath thing I could find, lighting candles, soaking until the water got cool, then turned on the jets to warm it up a bit again, listening to my Kari Jobe CD and just resting... oh, it was SOOOOO nice.... I need to make myself do that more often!!

Then of course yesterday was RESURRECTION DAY!! PRAISE THE LORD, HE IS RISEN!! Too bad I forgot to clean up my camera memory card, or I'd have some pics.... I had to be at church at 8 (we didn't bother trying to get to the sunrise service) for practice, then we had breakfast at 9, and an awesome service at 10:30. I have to say that I asked for prayer last Tuesday for something very specific, and God is so very much at work in that very place right now, I saw His Hand moving yesterday, and I can't help but give Him the glory and thank Him again for His matchless grace and mercy. I'm still so in awe of who He is and how much He adores us. It's more than my mind can ever grasp....

Anyway, this week's already filling up with activities and fun stuff, so let's hope I don't forget to stop and pay attention to God's voice and where He's leading... I pray I never become so busy that I ignore Him... He's all I could ever want!

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