Monday, April 6, 2009


It's been a few WEEKS since I posted anything, it's just been so busy!! But that's an excuse almost anyone could use nowadays and I shouldn't be excused for it :)

Things have settled down a little since my last post, no more scary things, except for a random GIANT dog appearing in my yard and deciding to stay before we ever so lovingly had him removed. Updates:

- CT scan indeed showed that I have an aneurysm, but it hasn't changed in almost 5 years, which I consider a PRAISE!! and of course, the meningioma is still the same, also a PRAISE!!!

- No more creepy people hanging out on our property, and no cops...

- and last but not least, we still have to pay backtaxes. It's really kind of crooked, because I'm being required to pay double taxes on one amount of money, which was for social security disability, and that makes NO sense... but regardless, we're gonna do the right thing and get it paid. NOTE for anyone who is disabled in the future, if you have long term disability insurance, you will HAVE to pay taxes on it, regardless of whether you have to pay it back or not, and you will HAVE to pay taxes on the full amount of social security backpayment you get also, despite the fact that you are paying back every penny you get from SSD to your long term disability carrier. FUN TIMES!! Thank God HE is faithful to provide for our needs, regardless of our IRS or job situation.

So here's my latest concern. It's not really a new thing, more like an everpresent trouble, but I need feedback. My 2 year old little lady does not eat. Really and truly. She will eat almost NOTHING. It's not about being a picky eater, because usually about 2 times a month she will eat almost anything put in front of her. But the other 26-29 days of the month, she will eat little to nothing. For example, today she has had 10 goldfish crackers and about 1 adult size bite of spaghetti. And that's all. Yesterday, she had probably the same thing. She will eat about a quarter to half of a banana most days, and that's about it. Now, there is one exception, as she will eat cake, cookies, candy or anything else that is full of sugar and not much else at ANY TIME. I finally broke down this week and bought pediasure, which I have done a couple of times before, but not in a long time.

I know, a lot of parents say their kids don't eat. And I know she'll be okay, because she drinks a couple of cups of milk a day and at least one cup of V8 Vfusion juice (just for some good nutrients). My problems lies in the fact that her attitude is absolutely unbearable because I think she's starving and just WON'T eat. Her pediatrician didn't seem overly concerned at her 2 year checkup, but I did see him make a note to watch this in her chart. So, what do you do when your kid doesn't eat, ever? Some days she truly eats nothing, only drinks (and not too much then either). I've tried limiting her fluids, but she doesn't even get the recommended amounts of fluid per day. So what do you do to make a kid eat????

Anybody who reads this and has ANY idea of what to do, feel free to respond!!!

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  1. GraceandWillsMommyApril 9, 2009 at 9:45 AM

    No need to worry about miss priss not being a big eater!! The dr always tells me that they will eat when they get hungry!! PS God is so good for keeping everything the same he has a AWESOME plan for you Rhonda! Hopefully see you at the Easter Egg Hunt Saturday!!


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