Saturday, March 14, 2009

What a week....

It's been over a week since I wrote on here, I've been busy HOLDING IVY all week. She's been sick, not really sure what was going on, but we were in the ER on Monday evening due to a super high fever, and didn't make it home til 1 am on Tuesday... talk about setting off the week!! it was CRAZY!! I haven't gone to the ER in a LONG time, and forgot how there are people who use that as their regular doctors office. As for me, I certainly hope I'll never have to go back...

So Miss Priss's fever finally went away about mid day Thursday. I felt guilty for taking her to church on Wednesday night, but she was on antibiotics, so if it was bacterial, it was no longer contagious, and if it was viral, everyone's gonna get it anyway. I never think like that, but I convinced myself it was okay then. Hopefully none of the other kids are sick now...

Last weekend, we had a big family birthday cookout for my little brother and sister, and both my sisters in law. They all had birthdays in February and the first week of March, and usually we all go out to dinner together, but with all the BABIES, it's much tougher to enjoy a meal with ten adults, four kids and three toddlers/babies. It gets a little wild out in public. So instead we all went to Mom & Dad's for grilled chicken and mashed potatoes, salad and birthday cake. It was great :)
It was the first time we'd all gotten together since Thanksgiving. I love family time!!

I don't feel like I accomplished anything this week, I guess because Miss Priss really and truly was in my arms almost all day everyday. It's tough to get things done with sick lil' ones.

I did notice this though... even when we are soooo busy, or preoccupied with other things, God is still able to use us. I found myself in a situation this week that would have required quite an adjustment, and after some prayer and Bible time, I realized it was what God would have me to do. Fortunately for others involved, the circumstances changes, and I'm so happy that God is working in such awesome ways!! I would go into more detail, but it's just not for me to say :)

Either way, I am amazed at the Hand of God... sometimes I think we get to a place where we're so comfortable in our relationship with Him that we sort of back off that true pursuit. It's like we get into a routine, and while that may not be a bad thing, if we aren't expecting God to move, it's sort of like saying, God I'm doing my part here, and I'm just fine with how things are going. I'll keep doing this, and You keep doing that. Instead, maybe we should be begging Him for new opportunities to serve Him, no matter the cost or sacrifice. Sure, there will be times of calm, but we can't be so set in our ways that we miss out on a chance to really let God do His thing thru us. Along the same line, we shouldn't be looking for drama around every corner, because He does provide us with periods of rest, and sometimes, those silent places is where God shines the most.

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