Thursday, March 5, 2009

Things I'm praying about right now..

~ my husband to keep seeking God's face, to be the man God has called him to be
~ my girls, that they will see Jesus in me, and that I can be the very best mother to them, despite my errors
~ my girls' future husbands, that they will be raised in Godly homes, and that they make a true and real relationship with Jesus so when the time comes, they can be the husbands that my daughters need
~ boldness of the church to speak the truth in love, instead of shirking away from the responsibilities of speaking what God has laid on your heart, be it in leading someone to salvation or in reprimanding a fellow believer
~ against legalism
~ that the Holy Spirit will be the one true Guide in this life I live, and in the congregation of which I am a part, and that there will be NO ONE to quench this
~ continued conviction and repentance of the church, it should be a daily thing, not just something that happens one day or night a week, our High Priest is everpresent to hear our confession, and His Spirit is always available to cleanse us from unrighteousness
~ that we will not be afraid to walk away from our agendas and plans and follow what GOD is doing, and not to be following our own way because it's more comfortable to stick to the old plan
~ sanctification of the church, like that which Samuel L Brengle wrote of
~ that we will be willing to BE the church, not just go to the building every week
~ that God will rend our hearts for those who are less fortunate, showing us how to allow Him to love them thru us
~ for UNITY among the body of Christ, divisions come as a result of our selfishness and the works of the enemy, we should not be seperated by denominations, race, or any other factor, after all, there isn't a seperate heaven for white baptists....
~ for our leaders of our country, that God will show Himself to be the Only Change that this nation needs, and the One True Help in time of need for the church and all people,
~ for our church leaders, that God will guard them from the snares set by pride and comfortability, that they will find rest only in Him, and that they continue to empty themselves to be filled by the Holy Spirit, so that God's Word alone proceeds from their mouths. "Set a guard about my lips, Keep watch over the door of my mouth".
~ that God will complete the work He has started in me, and that I may continue to sit patiently at His feet, until He calls me to move.

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