Sunday, February 22, 2009


Last night was the WinterJam concert in Greensboro, with Newsong, TobyMac, Brandon Heath, Francesca Battistelli, Family Force 5, Stephanie Smith, and PureNRG. What a show! I've been to the show before, but with Lady M as a four year old and my niece Kaitlyn just a few years older, it was QUITE different. Then, it was too loud and our seats were never quite right, and we ended up leaving very early. This time was great!

I volunteered to work for the show, instead of just coming and fighting for seats. I was in charge of making sure the right people got backstage passes and came thru the special "will call" door. I was lucky, most of the other volunteers were stuck handing out fliers, collecting money or selling merchandise. My job was over at before the show got too far underway. The coliseum was at maximum capacity, and in fact, people had to be turned away. There were really and truly NO seats left. Thankfully, I was able to stand at the back of the floor seats without being hassled to see Brandon Heath and TobyMac's sets. They are both very talented, and great guys from what I can tell from my brief chats with them. Hopefully I'll have the opportunity to do that again next year!!

Anyway, I didn't get home until WAY TOO late for mommies to be out, which was especially hard since I have to be at church early to go to thru the songs we're singing. Nonetheless, it was worth it! Thanks Marc B for letting me tag along with you as a runner last night :)!

Now, I'm off to take a nap....

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