Thursday, February 19, 2009

Things I love....

~ stars on a clear night
~ the way the wind will pick up leaves as they fall and swirl them all around, like mini tornados of color
~ how Miss Priss jumps up and grins when I come to get her out of the crib
~ foot massages from Boss
~ coffee with too much sugar and cream OR mochas with blueberry and caramel
~ how Lady M is so very much just like me
~ when it's been super stormy and cloudy, then God splits a few clouds and you can see sunbeams shooting thru
~ the chill in the air at the beginning of autumn
~ the crocus' at my mom's house blooming super early
~ the way lilac bushes smell
~ the assurance I have that I can never be seperated from God
~ how trees reach their branches all the way up to the sky, like they are trying their hardest to touch heaven
~ woods
~ the ocean
~ songs that really and truly make your heart ache, not in a country western i-just-lost-everything-way, but in a way that is so real and true that it makes you gasp for breath because you forgot you could feel like that
~ love stories
~ feeling the peace only comes from God when I'm staring into a storm that seems so dark and black that I can't see any light, and still knowing that He's burning bright in my heart
~ hugs that are genuine
~ watching an artist at work, be it a musician, painter, writer, whatever, seeing the first birth of their passion


  1. Your Things I Love....Gave me chill bumps! I love reading your blog and I love knowing I have you as a sister in Christ! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I love this. You and I are kindred spirits. I could have typed many, many of these things for myself. You are such a delightful person!


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