Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lovely day

Today, Lady M, Miss Priss and I visited with our pastor's wife, Ginger. She was babysitting her granddaughter and the girls just LOVE to play with one another, so it was nice to be able to get some wonderful "adult" time while the kids were playing. Ginger is such an awesome woman of God, not to mention an AMAZING COOK!! She made us lunch and an chocolate cake for dessert (did i mention i need to be LOSING weight??).

I love that she has such a heart to minister to women. She and I were talking about the women's ministry at our church campus, and some of the ideas she has. She desires to see the older or more mature women mentoring the younger women, and I think that's so wonderful. I know I could use some pointers on how to deal with that husband you love so much that you sometimes just wanna squeeze the life out of them!!
And those kids who are so adorable that you just know if you were to box them up and ship them to Papua New Guinea, they would be loved and accepted. Anyway, it was really a great day, except that I stayed longer than I intended, helping Marc B with his laptop issues.

I am hoping I will get to the grocery store tomorrow... I've been trying my best to get there for three days now!!!

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