Monday, February 9, 2009

Managing the house...

It's finally come, the time when I really have to start getting settled down. It makes no sense that I haven't done this before now, but really, in the almost four years of my marriage, it's been a non-stop crazy ride. Boss and I were married (eloped) one week following the doctor's annoucement that I would need another brain surgery. We hadn't even closed on our house at that time, so we were still living seperately. We moved into our house about a month after our marriage, then two months later, I had surgery. Of course, it took a while to recover, then I was pregnant almost exactly a year later with Miss Priss, giving birth in March 07. Then in May 07 I started radiation, and it's just been one thing after another.... and my home has suffered!!

SO- now I have no excuse for not getting things in better working order in my home. I have lacked organization in such a bad way, I cannot STAND it any longer. I've never been an organized person since I'm what a lot of people consider "artsy", but I've always WISHED I could be more organized. It's just maddening when there are things stored in random places that I cannot find, and stuff laying everywhere! Example- on my computer desk in front of me is: headband, dental floss, folded up reusable bag, baby book, paper, receipts, FPU workbook, lotion, ear thermometer in it's case, spoon, Bible, little people toy sheep, phone, 3 homeschool curriculum catalogs, cookbook, folder, and of course, mouse, keyboard and monitor. AND THAT'S JUST WHAT'S ON THIS SHELF.... it's horrible. There are probably 10 various toy baskets and containers placed in the living room and bedrooms of my house, all filled to the max and overflowing (time to get rid of some junk!!). And in my laundry room floor is the Christmas tree in it's bag, waiting on my DEAR husband to take it outside to storage. It's NUTS in my home and I'm so tired of it!!!!!

My first resolution is to make myself have a bedtime and wake-up time and stick to it EVERY DAY. I have a hard time establishing routines, because spontaneity has always been my modus operandi. BUT NO MORE. I actually sat down last week and planned out a dinner menu for the entire month of February, one that would fit in my brand new budget (which I'm doing pretty good at sticking to). So that was a first and it's been actually comforting knowing what we're going to eat, and that we aren't tempted to run to a convenient restaurant since I didn't thaw such and such to cook.

Anyway, hopefully I can actually implement my plans... it'll take money that I didn't budget in this month, so my new storage containers and things will have to wait until March, but come March, watch out mess, Mama Bee is coming after you!!


On another note, I have to tell you about my adorable kids... today we were at my mom's house for a while, and Miss Priss was playing in her little outdoor cabin/playhouse. I was outside (too big to get in) and playing with her by peeking thru the windows. On the backside of the cabin is a small window, and when Miss Priss popped it open to look for me, she said, "Hey!". I asked her, " Hi, how are you today?", and her response...

"You want fries?"

Just one more reason why we need to be on a more regimented routine. When my not quite two year old is pretending to be a drive thru worker, you know it's time to start changing things....


  1. I love to organize so if you need a HELPER call me! Love the fries comment! I can ask Will anytime breakfast to supper what he wants to eat even we are home and he says chicken nuggets which means Mcdonalds so its not just you! Are yall coming to the marriage thing at church this weekend?

  2. Bobby couldn't get off work, so we can't come :(

    I have systems set up in my mind already, but putting them in practice may take some work!! I may need your help Jessica!!


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