Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Getting things done...

Today I woke up at my newly appointed wake up time after going to bed at my newly appointed bedtime last night. I moved my quiet time with God from night to morning (except maybe I'll still do night in addition) since the girls weren't up yet. Then I tackled my kitchen. YAY!! I really feel like I accomplished a lot today. I cleaned off the island in my kitchen, and my hutch, cleaned all the surfaces (which is a typical thing anyway), and piled all of the clutter into one container to sort thru. The FlyLady would be so proud of me :).

Then, I started cooking after the girls got up. First, I made my first ever cornbread in an iron skillet (just like my mama), but I'm kind of afraid to eat it because I think the cornmeal may have been old... no matter, I actually did it!! I must say, I am NOT a cook or baker, it's just not a natural thing for me, but most of what I make is good, so that's something. I had to take a little detour in my kitchen day to go to the doctor (for antibiotics, yucky sinuses), then on to the GROCERY STORE (I finally made it!!). When I got home, Miss Priss went down for a nap, Lady M started on her (delayed) school lesson, and I got busy making 2 HUGE pots of vegetable beef soup, and brownies from SCRATCH for Lady M's valentines party tomorrow!! I need to praise God now so that I don't get too big headed and proud :) I can do nothing good on my own, so He must have been really taking over my hands. The soup is nothing new, I've made it several times before, but the brownies were a first. In fact, they turned out so well, I have another batch in the oven right now as I type this.

Yes, I ran my dishwasher 4 times today... for real.

But I am so glad that my typically random self was able to get so many things done. I even washed all my kitchen rugs without forgetting to actually put the rugs in the running washing machine, AND I didn't forget I had things cooking and burn them... except maybe I didn't stir the soup enough and it was a little burned, but not so much it was ruined.

I am praying God will make tomorrow as FRUITFUL in my home as today has been. It's been great!!

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  1. Girl, you have had SUCH a productive day .. . wanna come over here and motivate me? Mornings are my favorite time to have my quiet time.


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