Friday, February 13, 2009

I totally forgot...

to do a Thursday Things blog...

Yesterday we were at the Rol A Rink in High Point for a homeschool group Valentine's Party. Lady M and Miss Priss had fun, and it was nice to sit around and chat it up with some moms while our kids were skating and running around like lil' crazies. When we left, we stopped by the south end Walmart, which I affectionately refer to as the "GhettoMart", only because it's been a rare occasion that I've been there without seeing someone stuffing an item under their shirt or in their pants and leaving the store. It's almost as if the employees are wanting to see how many items a person can get into their clothing without being noticed by a greeter. Anyway, I was there on a mission to get some index cards and a lil' binder for them, and some wire racks to reorganize my cabinet space. (which I did when I got home and surprise, I don't open the door to get hit in the face with a sippy cup now!!)

Now that I've fully supplied my excuse for no blog yesterday, on to today's musing...

Have you ever wished that you could know what people really think about you? I know we aren't to concern ourselves with what people think, but sometimes I think it would be really nice if you could peel back the layers of a person's mind and unlock their brain to see exactly what that person thinks of you. There's this application on myspace, called the "truth box", where people can write anonymously what they think of you. I added it to my old page a long time ago, and after about 6 months on my page, I only got one note. You would think that since you really are anonymous, you would be able to get something out of people, but NO. Why is it that we don't speak our minds more often?

I've picked up in conversations that I've had in the last few months that I am perceived apparently as too talkative and quite bossy. I had no idea!! Neither time was it actually something that I think the person meant as an insult or even knew I picked up on, but I did, and I'm actually thankful. I would LOVE it if people would just BE HONEST. If I have a character flaw that needs work, I welcome someone to tell me. I do have a couple of friends who are bold enough to check my behavior at times, and I love them all the more for it. We are supposed to hold one another accountable aren't we? So if we are acting in ways that are sinful, or maybe could mislead someone to question faith in God, then why don't we talk about it? Yes, it may hurt, yes, it may be something you don't want to realize about yourself, but quite frankly, it would be so much better to know that I'm acting in a way that is a "stumbling block". It's kind of like that stinky kid at school, that everyone talked about, but no one told him/her they stunk. WHY? How else are they supposed to do something about it if they don't know? We're too sensitive and PC nowadays... I think it impairs a lot of our relationships and it's stunting us as followers of Christ as well.

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