Friday, January 9, 2009


(copied from my facebook notes)

2008 proved to be a busy year for me and my family. From job loss, to two miscarriages, to new cousins and new "cousins-in-law", a new niece and a nephew who was born TODAY, it's been both interesting and trying. God has shaped my heart in a new way, chipping away the old, breaking it again to be shaped more like He wants it, and holding it when it hurts so much i think i can't bear it...

I'm so excited to see what will be of 2009, with a new president that has some agendas that I consider scary (but I'm praying for him nonetheless), and global events that are pointing to some pretty amazing things, biblically speaking, it's going to be a big year. On a more personal note, I'm anxious to see what God does in me this year. He's stirring my heart, and has placed a big dream (i guess you could call it) in me that is much bigger than myself. I'm totally unprepared and unequipped, but isn't that just like GOD? :) It will definitely be a learning experience for me to see how all this plays out, and how God will put all the pieces in place, but I'm just trying not to move too quickly on anything without fully knowing that it's His Will. Regardless, it will be stepping out in faith in a way that is bigger than I ever have before... so pray for me that I will hear His voice and have a certainty that it is indeed Him.

I hope that this year brings you all blessings that you cannot contain, and that you will come to know God in a very real way if you don't already. He is more than you could ever imagine....

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