Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jiminy Crickets


Sometimes it would be nice to have time off as a mom.... it just doesn't happen!! Boss
was out of town last week, in Minnesota for his job. I had to take his truck to the Toyota dealership
this week so that it could be inspected for corrosion in the frame, some kind of recall. I took it
yesterday, but they didn't even check the right thing... why don't car men listen to women?
My father in law and brother are both mechanics, I do know a little something about cars!!
Oh well, I'll definitely be taking that up with Toyota...

Anyway, I have a new nephew!! He's beautiful! His name is Benjamin Kane, and we have been
to the hospital twice in the last two days. The worst part about that is driving all the way to
Thomasville Hospital from Randleman... you don't realize how far away your family lives until you
drive the distance several days in a row!! It was worth it though, he's sooooo cute! I can't believe
my baby brother is a DAD though.... that makes me feel SO old....

Nonetheless... we also had Lady M's LIFE classes orientation yesterday... she's signed up for
dance, music/drama, discoveries and American sign language. I'm not sure who is more excited,
she or I, because I get a BREAK!!! It's one thing being a stay at home mom, but when you
homeschool as well, it's a totally different world. SAHMs with kids in public school at least get a
few hours break every day, but when you are Teacher and Mom, it's madness!! Thank GOD for
the High Point Home Educators offering classes on Fridays... now I can have some one on one
time with Miss Priss, or schedule some much needed ME time :)

Here's a picture of Lady M with new baby Benjamin

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