Monday, March 22, 2010

Music Monday

Music Monday button
Music Monday time again!! The weekend was pulled off successfully, Lady M showed us all her gymnastics skills at her gym show Saturday, and yesterday we had an awesome service at church, following by THE best princess party ever for my now 3 year old daughter!! It was busy, but so much fun :)

Today's MM theme is to pick a song from your high school days.... 

I remember LOTS of songs that were big at when I was in high school. It was a tough choice, but I decided to stick with "happy and upbeat". This one came out around my senior year....


  1.! The memories..... I'll be singing this song all day.

    Happy MM and so glad the party was a hit!

  2. Wow..Banson, memories back to my middle school years and being totally obsessed with Taylor Hanson. He was my future husband...:) MMmmmbop. I still have a huge smile on my face when I watch the video!


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