Monday, March 8, 2010

Music Monday- Shake Your Booty!

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Getting my hiney into gear... and maybe even posting twice today!! We shall see, shan't we?

Tara at Keeping Up With The Kellys is our ever so gracious hostess, as always, of Music Monday... wanna join in? Click the button and link up!

Today's theme is "pick your favorite song from the 70's". Well, this may not be my favorite, but when we were traveling out of the range of our favorite radio stations a few months back, we decided to hit the "scan" button on the radio. You really never know what you may be exposing your kids to when you do that, so we were listening very carefully to the content of the songs and rushing past anything that sounded too nasty. BUT where we landed was quite funny.

Miss Priss loves a song with a great beat, and she heard this one and begged us to leave it there. Now, anytime we can't pick up what we normally listen to on the radio (that being WBFJ or KLOVE), she wants to hear the infamous KC & the Sunshine Band song, "Shake Your Booty", released in 1976.

Happy Monday, and check back to read about last week.... what a doozy!!


  1. That is a good one! Was the car rocking from her shaking her booty?

  2. oh you know it!!!I almost picked this one!!!!Happy Monday!!!


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