Saturday, March 13, 2010

A bit of sunshine...

Well, since today has been a beautiful, then stormy day, I thought it would appropriate to  post a new award I got the other day from my sweet blogger friend, Brittany .If her name sounds new to you, then PLEASE go read her blog... she's only 17, but tackling a lot in her life right now... 

So here's my gorgeous new award!!


I may end up breaking all the rules of the award, just because it's sooooo stinkin' hard to come up with 12 blogger friends to give it to. I mean, I follow a bazillion folks, so it gets really tough to choose.... 

Anyway, here are the rules I'm supposed to be following:

** Put the logo on your blog or within your post. (yep)
** Pass the word to 12 fellow bloggers. (uhhh... well, we'll see about that)
** Link the nominees within your post. (again... check the last one)
** Share the love and link the person from whom you received this award. (maybe...)

Thanks again Brittany!! 

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  1. Ohhh! I'm loving the new blog design! Thanks for the sweet comment about me. :) HAVE A GREAT SUNNY DAY! :P


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