Tuesday, March 16, 2010

5 years and counting...

Yesterday my sweet hubby and I celebrated our five year anniversary. Both of us agree it seems like we've been married for MUCH longer, but only because we know each other well and have been through a lot together.

We spent the morning getting our fishing poles rigged and ready, then off to lunch and to search town for a trolling motor to buy for a rental boat. Our intent was to spend the day on the lake fishing, but we ended up only getting about 3 hours on the water. The wind was ferocious and we didn't catch a thing...

But it made the day no less great.

The thing is that with Boss, we can spend the day together doing anything at all, but I can always count on it being a good day. Somehow even when everything is going "wrong", we can laugh about it. We rented a boat that had no anchor, so we had to tie off under a bridge, which meant I casted into the bottom of the bridge probably no less than 30 times, but after laughing so much I nearly turned the little boat over, it was still fun. So even though our big anniversary plans didn't turn out exactly as we'd planned, it was an amazing day.

To my Hubby:

Thank you for being the most amazing man I could ever have been blessed with. You have been a rock for our family, have seen me through the toughest and darkest days of my life so far, and have never faltered in being you. You have sacrificed time and energy day in and day out to support our family, and have been unwaveringly faithful to be our earthly provider, even when it meant being gone for hours and hours every week. I know that if I ever have an issue, I can come to you and you will be there to hear me (even if you aren't listening LOL!), and let me just rant for a bit until it's out of my system. You have been the father that Lady M needs, and you're Miss Priss's favorite knight in shining armor. I can't wait to see how you will impact our new little Bito's life when he/she gets here. You are amazing in so many ways, and I love and respect everything about you. Happy 5 years, and heres to a hundred or so more :)


  1. What a sweet post. Glad you had fun. :) God bless.

  2. Happy Anniversary!!!! Glad you had a great day!! Hope its a great week :)


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