Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Baby Update!!

So I had my FINAL appointment with my reproductive endocrinologist this morning and my little "Bito" (short for "bun in the oven") is coming along VERY WELL!! Another day with a strong heartbeat, and he was a wiggly little fellow today :) We could see the spine, arms, legs and a little bit of the face today, which is totally amazing, since I'm still very much in the first trimester, at 10 weeks 2 days. Now, if you go down to the bottom of my blog, you'll see that my little ticker thing is wrong. Well, that's because I based it off of my LMP (if you have ever been pregnant, you know that's your last period), however, I apparently ovulated later than most women in that cycle and my doctor has rescheduled my due date since every ultrasound has shown me as 6 days off schedule. I'll get around to changing the ticker soon enough.

Boss went with me to the doctor, which is a HUGE deal because he hates going to early OB appointments. Something about another man having anything to do with "that area" really make him uncomfortable, but he happened to be off work today and actually asked if he could go. I was so floored, but was very relieved to have him with me today!!! It's so much easier facing the idea that Baby Bito's heart may have stopped with someone else there. But I didn't have to even worry about that!! Thank GOD!!!

After we left the doctor, we went by the restaurant where my brother works, which is only a few blocks from the dr office, and shared the good news. I convinced Boss to try sushi for the first time, and he like it!! Of course, it was cooked shrimp tempura, but I was so proud of my man for trying something new :)

We decided to shop after that, and even though I've not make it to the timely 11 weeks and 5 days mark where 2 of the last 3 pregnancies technically ended, I took a leap of faith today and bought maternity pants!!! I had one pair that I kept from my pregnancy with Miss Priss and they are worn slap out! Seriously, that whole elastic panel thing at the top is FULL of holes. I had said I would NOT buy any maternity clothes until at least 12 weeks, but I just couldn't help myself today :) Plus, I really only have to wait another week, which isn't that long anyway....

My next appointment will be with my regular OB on March 1st. And guess what? I'll have yet another ultrasound then!! I already have 3 pictures of my precious little Bito, but who's to say a mama can't fill a whole album before that sweet miracle gets here????


  1. Was so glad to see your FB status!

  2. Awesome! Glad it is going well.

    My friend nicknamed her Bito Velcro because she wanted that pregnancy "to stick" unlike her previous pregnancy. Her baby was born right after Thanksgiving.

  3. Aw congrats on the good news! I'll be praying for you guys!

  4. I love maternity pants! So happy to hear that your bito is healthy! Not sure if I mentioned this before, but my blog moved to:

    Hope to see you there! :)


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