Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Public Apology

I must issue a very public apology to all of you, my readers....

I have been so very absent in the last week or so, with the exception of the 5QF post on Friday. I do not handle the early months of pregnancy well AT ALL. I've made that clear before, I'm sure, but I feel like I'm NEGLECTING you.... so I wanted to make it official, that I have not given up on my blog, it's just that it's so tough to crawl back to the computer desk to scrawl a few words out for you to read without losing my ever so important diet of toast.

I also want to thank you. You haven't given up on me!! You are still listed in my little following box, and even though I lost quite a bit of followers when I moved URLs, I am so thankful to those of you who jumped on over with me. Those of you who read, and comment, or email, are such an encouragement to me!! Even the "lurkers" who never leave comments or email or anything, just seeing that the numbers are increasing, instead of decreasing, makes me smile, because I know someone must really like reading whatever mess I throw up here :) (no pun intended on the "throw up" reference, all of the products of my morning sickness thus far have been properly disposed and are not on my computer screen or keyboard).

I'm still hanging in there, and as far as I know, sweet Baby is too. My next appointment will be on February 10, and if all is well then, I'll finally be referred back to my regular OB. My mom and I were talking yesterday and the end of February will be a HUGE time of celebration, because if all goes well, I will have carried this baby longer than any of the last 3. Plus, my sister and my sister in law both have birthdays on the 26th, so we'll be CELEBRATING big :)

In the meantime, I promise to try to keep you all up to date. I'm gonna try to blog at least once a week, until I can get back on track. Since I missed Music Monday, I'm posting a song today instead. As far as I know, this song isn't recorded on a CD available in the US, but it's beautiful, like all of Brooke's music. Let this be my prayer today...


  1. Glad to hear the update! Feel better! :)

  2. Take all the time you need for YOU and baby...we will be right here waiting for you when you get back to feeling normal. Just have been missed.

  3. I think us mothers know exactly what you are going through so no worries. We have missed you and are glad to hear things are progressing!!

  4. Thanks for adding yourself to my followers! I came back and stole your button! ;) I am Looking forward to getting to know you... what a crazy world this blog world is! ;) I was very very ill during my pregnancies... for 9 whole months! twice! (and I had one miscarriage) so I understand what you are going through completely! I will pray for you! Until next time! Blessings!


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