Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 2010 Recap

So it's the last day of the month and it's time to reflect on how I'm actually doing with the resolutions.... Here's the breakdown-
  • Say no to sodas!!
    I have done better than I was doing, but not as well as I'd hoped.  See, when I get all nauseous and stuff, I crave water like I'm dying, but the first sip makes everything start lurching in my belly.  That carbonated mess always seems to settle things down when it's super cold and you're only taking tiny sips. I  have managed to substitute other drinks in place of soda at most meal times, so I'm making teeny tiny improvements....  
  • Watch less TV.
    I have NOT done better here. For the first week or so, everything was going great. Then the morning sickness started, and when you're weak and dehydrated, the only company you can really find is that box with all the flickers and sounds.  I will work on that some more in February...
  • Blog about more interesting things!!
    Not sure my content has changed all that much, but I was ever so kindly reprimanded for ever saying that my blog was boring or that I couldn't write well, so we'll just let that one drop...
  • Be more active.
    Uh, again, FAIL. When I get past the first trimester slump, I PROMISE I will do better.... stay tuned...
  • Be more diligent about growing my faith.
    How do you measure that, really? I have been able to spend  a little more time reflecting on God's Word, and have been more diligent about prayer, so I guess that's an improvement. I think my biggest growth has been that I've completely released this pregnancy to Him, and have received the most awesome peace. Not to say that my own fears and worries will not come back from time to time, but I can quickly rebuke it away now, and know that God's in this, no matter the outcome.
  • Stop the clutter!
    YAY!! I have accomplished something this month!! Part of the reason why I think the clutter is lessening is because I've been home so much more and people can't hand me stuff and say, "hey, I think you need this".    Most of my household clutter has come from those things that people generously bestow upon us, not knowing that we're busting at the seams with JUNK!! That means as I'm starting to feel better and getting out more, I'll have to learn to use one little word more often: "NO!"
  • Comment on more blogs!!
    I passed this one with flying colors. In fact, one day I actually commented on 33 different blogs. THAT'S RIGHT!! 33!!  I must say that there were some days that I didn't log on, but I did actually comment a LOT more this month, so I can say, I'm doing better!
  • Send out at least 3 cards this month.
    Well, unless you count the bill for the garbage collector, I haven't put ANYTHING else in our mailbox. I'll keep working on it though....
  • Make a remodeling plan.
    Again, a big fat no. ( Boy do I feel like a failure!!) All my plans are still in my head. But we have had quite a change in income this month since Boss has started working "shifts", so maybe that one needs to be postponed for quite a while, until the finances pick up a bit.
  • Spend more "alone time" with my kids individually.
    I did actually get to spend an entire afternoon with Lady M alone this month, as we went to the Mad Platter to paint some pottery. It was fun!!   Gotta keep working on this one.... 

So it looks like I still have a long way to go.... I'm going to carry some of these over to February, and add some new things too. Check back tomorrow and see what my new challenges are!


  1. "Beautiful name, beautiful baby pics, and beautiful mommy!!"

    Thank you so much!!

  2. I love going to the "painted plate" with my kids!! ;) I love those places! I hope your morning sickness does not last long... I was sick the entire pregnancy twice! ;( There is plenty of time for the resolutions! and besides... I was one of your blog successes! ;) for that I am thankful!
    Have a great week.
    PS I am having techy problems with my google account directing folks the wrong way... did you have trouble finding me? ;) I have 2 blogs but only use my Goggle is sending folks to the blogspot url... naughty google!


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