Thursday, December 31, 2009

Reflecting, and looking ahead!

Today is the time we reflect on the year that ends tonight, and see what was good and bad, maybe what to change in the new year. Miss Priss is two now, and will be three in just a few more months She is getting funnier and funnier everyday, learning new things, and trying her best to communicate her points to me. She makes me laugh, but can be so solemn and serious all the while. Potty training is still eluding us, although she will use the potty when she is naked She has gone from sleeping in a crib at the beginning of the year, to a toddler bed, then to a full size bed, and now sleeping on the floor (which is not the direction we would like her to be moving in, but at least she is getting some sleep!!). Lady M has reached the great age of 8, which is unbelievable! How is it that time has just gotten away from me so quickly?? She has become my right arm in the house, always taking on big time chores just to help me, which is such a blessing. She is a great big sister, at least most of the time. But BOY can these girls fight!! To be so sweet and loving, they sure know how to throw down.... and even though Lady M is older, she usually is the one coming away hurt. She is also usually the instigator... but I digress...

As for me, I feel like I started the year off with a big BANG, and the rest has been at sort of a stand-still. I dont know that I have grown much, which is a big disappointment, but I also know that God is still at work in my life... thankfully! We said goodbye to yet another baby this year, and are ending the year with a BIG surprise that I just found out Im pregnant again!! I dont usually jump at the chance to share this with the world so early (about 5 weeks), but I think I need to enjoy the pregnancy as much as I can, since I have no promise that I will hold the little one in my womb. So pray with me as we face the new year and the possibility of a new baby!!!

I'm gonna work on a few "resolutions" for the new year, which I usually NEVER even think of doing, but it's okay, because a New Year means everything can be NEW again!!

Be safe tonight, whatever you do....and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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