Wednesday, December 2, 2009

On Dr. Phil today....

If you happened to click on the Pray for Kate button to the right----->

then you already know that Dr. Phil will be airing her story today. Right now, Kate and the McRaes are campaigning to have gifts donated for all of the children on the pediatric oncology floor at Phoenix Children's Hospital. I'd like to encourage you to check out the wish list on their blog, and pick up a gift for one of these sweet children. Please, make sure you follow guidelines because these children are ill, and their immune systems cannot handle dust or germs. A lot of their parents are tapped out financially from all of their medical bills, plus making the decision to leave their jobs to spend time with their precious little ones. You can help make a better Christmas for a child who may be celebrating their last....

The campaign is called "Kate's Crazy Cool Christmas Project". Go check it out, and participate!!

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  1. Omigosh....this brought me to tears. Bless you for sharing this story.


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