Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 2- Festive Topiary

You know you wanna make it... and it's so easy...

All you need is a styrofoam ball and red pistachios... or if you want a natural color, get plain pistachios. Or if, like me, you want red pistachios but can't find them anywhere right now, you buy a can of red spray paint.


Okay, down to business.

This one is so very simple, but it's such a nice little splash of color. Use it on candlestick or make a few to use as decorative orbs for centerpiece bowls. It's up to you.

Determine what you want to do with your beautiful creation before you purchase the styrofoam ball. If you want to use a little tiny candle stick, purchase a smaller ball. I am using a larger base in the picture and I bought a 5" ball. I would say go with a 3" styrofoam ball if you'd like to make a few for display in a dish.

Paint the styrofoam to match your pistachio color. Then get out the hot glue gun and heat it up. Glue the closed end of the pistachio to the ball. Continue gluing the pistachios in a circle around the first, and then a circle around those.


Be very careful when turning the ball, as some tend to pop loose. Of course, wait until all of the pistachios are on and dry before you start pulling all the fun little hot glue strings off.

And there you have it... make a pair of topiaries as a display for an entrance table, with a few pinecones for a outdoorsy look, or place the balls on a charger plate with a few tealights for a simple and sophisticated display.



  1. Hey, this is a cool idea! Something even I could do (and would look great with my decor!). Thanks!


  2. I like this idea too! Very simple but looks elegant!


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