Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Followers!!

Hi to the new followers!! I've been trying to make time to visit your blogs over the last week, but I don't have comments from some of you, I'm having trouble finding your blogs!!! I love to reciprocate comments or at least get to know whomever is getting to know me by reading their blogs. So, if you're looking for some love from me, here's what I need you to do... if you are a new follower and are following through Blogger, then go to the upper right hand part of your screen and click on my account. Then click "edit profile", and at the section that says "links" at the bottom, make sure you click "add" for your blog web address. That way, when you sign up through the fine folks at Google to follow someone, they can look at their little follower list (or big follower list in some cases) and know how to get to your blog....

Ok!! Thanks, and if you update your profile, leave me a comment, that way I can come check out your blog :)

1 comment:

  1. I totally didn't update mine...looks like it takes too long so I will later! :)


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