Monday, October 19, 2009

Music Monday- "My Beloved"

Here's my first Music Monday--- I'm not sure why I've not done this before since I LOVE music, and most of my life involves it in some way or another... Thanks to Tara at Keeping Up With the Kellys
for starting this...

Anyway, today I'm posting one of my favorite worship songs. It's a little different because it's sung from the perspective of Jesus, singing to us, His bride. I sang this Thursday night at our Women of Faith kickoff night (and I didn't do it justice, but thankfully, the Holy Spirit just needs a willing heart). So often we as women find ourselves in a gutter of sorts, looking in the mirror and saying,"I'm fat", or "I wish I could change my nose/eyes/mouth/skin", and just basically hating on ourselves. With the message of the world coming in at ALL sides, from TV, movies, magazines, friends, billboards, co-workers, etc, we are bombarded that we are to look like this, or dress like that, or be the exact same shape as Barbie. But in the great economy of God, the only thing we have to do is be ourselves, and be the best we can be for the glory of God. He loves us no matter what.

Hope you are encouraged today!!

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  1. That was absolutely beautiful and I had chills. I'm sure you did a great job but you are right that he just wants a willing heart. Thank you for joining in today and sharing such a great song.


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