Monday, October 5, 2009

I know...

I need to settle on ONE background... but I think I'm gonna redo it all again this week, header and everything. You'll just have to come back to see...

Today we went around the world and back... what's that? That's impossible in one day, you say? Oh, you must not have the magical powers I do...

Lady M, Miss Priss and I took a day to celebrate our friend Jonathan's fourth birthday with his mommy Casey. We went to the Children's Museum, but were only there for a little more than an hour since I forgot they close at 12 on Mondays. OOPS!! So we went to Wendy's for lunch, then shopping at the best store ever, Targe' (pronounced with the 'g' as a 'zh' and an accent on the 'e') , or what normal people call Target. After that we went to the bowling alley because Casey said Jonathan loves to bowl, but really, SHE loves to bowl. Two games, with me coming in dead last, behind Lady M and Jonathan, even though the bumper guards were up. I never claimed to be a good bowler.

So, we were supposed to field trip to the zoo tomorrow, but we will have to double up on school lessons since we didn't get home until 5 something. We won't be zoo tripping tomorrow. Maybe next week, we'll see!

Tomorrow, if I have time, I might start doing what one of my newer blog friends, Tara ,  does on Tuesdays, what she calls "True Story Tuesday". They're always a good read, and I have a TON of things I could write about.

For those of us who like to pinch our pennies until they squeal... check out my friend Erin's blog about SAVING MONEY at Don't Pay Full Price!! You have to see how much money she saved at CVS, it will make you want to know her secret!! Dave Ramsey would be proud...

OH-one last plug, my friend Jessica does a Tasty Tuesday blog on Tuesdays that usually has a recipe for something yummy!


  1. Hi Rhonda! I just gave you a award! come check it out at my blog..

  2. Woooo, thanks for the shout out but tomorrow I won't have a True Story Tuesday. Well, it will be but just not under that title umbrella. Have fun with it and I'll be sure to stop in and read.

    I'm not too happy with my header either but I think I'll keep it until November and then change it out.

  3. GraceandWillsMommyOctober 6, 2009 at 9:37 AM

    Thanks for sharing my love for cooking on your blog!:) Maybe we could have a field trip to the grocery store together sometime;)

  4. haha. I sometimes call Target Targe' too!


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