Friday, September 18, 2009


Okay, very rarely will my blog turn political. It's not even going to be entirely political this time...

but I'm so TIRED of seeing the President of the United States of America on TV!!! Since when did he become a superstar, and not the person that's supposed to be the "commander in chief"? Does that mean he is supposed to have a scheduled TV takeover at least once a month? Does that mean he's supposed to be spending most of his days and nights on Good Morning America, or 20/20, or Dateline NBC, or the Late Show with David Letterman? Last I checked, TV time has to be paid for with advertisements. Who pays for the TV times when he's pushing the regular programs off the air? Really, the only person that could be footing the bill is ME AND YOU.... it's either paid for with our tax dollars, or hikes in the cost of advertising on TV, and that will trickle down to us in the price of the products we buy. Frankly, I've never once watched one of his televised speeches. I have no desire to see his attempts at convincing the majority he has our best interest in mind. If putting our country into $283 billion more debt over the next 10 years just with a health care "overhaul" is in our best interest, I must have totally misunderstood everything I've ever learned about money. I mean, all the "bailouts" will ultimately cost us trillions, and I don't know about you, but my household isn't getting any kickbacks from that bailout.

Second- how in the world is he possibly doing his job as the president by flying all over the place to show his face on TV to talk about whatever agenda he is currently trying to push? Who's answering that infamous red phone while he's away? Who's making those critical decisions, because apparently Washington doesn't need him present to operate? Is he even acting like a president should?

If I want to know about an issue, or a bill that is being debated in Congress, I go to the Congress website and READ IT MYSELF. If I'm for it, or if I'm against it, I let my House rep and my two Senators know. It's what being a democracy is about. How else can I know if they are truly representing the people? Even if they never listened to my call, or read my letter/email, at least I did my part as an active member of a DEMOCRACY!! Oh wait- I forgot, we're okay with becoming a socialist nation now... so let's just sit tight until we're told what to do when, and with what, and how often we can do it. It's much better to be tied up in the slavery that comes with big government that to practice a little self discipline. But we are a nation of gluttons, fatter, richer and more in debt that any other nation.... so instead of giving to others in need out of our abundance, we spend it on ourselves and tell them to get help from social services or medicaid/medicare...

we are a sick nation...

(okay, so it's very political, sorry)

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  1. Ok I'll post on this one because I soooo agree with you. I'm so sick of seeing him....I don't watch his televised speeches either.

    Sophia, NC, ehhh? I'm sure you know half my family and/or I know half of yours. My dad still lives in Sophia and most other family lives in Randleman or Asheboro. It's a small world afterall!!


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