Sunday, February 1, 2009

Labeling my money

Today is a momentous day for me... starting today, February 1st, 2009, my family is actually going to follow a budget.

Yes, we did FPU about this time last year, but we were not able to do a budget because we went an entire month with NO income, then Boss got a job that had an adjustable income, and it was just NOT possible--- and if Dave Ramsey happens to stumble on this blog, I'm just saying, it REALLY wasn't possible. Don't judge me :)

Anyway, last week, I sat down and worked out the budget. Boss gave it a once over and nodded, so we're both in this thing.... and today being the first day of our "living like no one else so that we can LIVE like no one else", I'm so proud of myself (not in a prideful way, lol) that a) we didn't go out to lunch, b) we didn't go to the store AT ALL, and c) I resisted the STRONG temptation to drive around and find me some good coffee before the Bible study tonight. In fact, I alloted enough time for me to make my very own pot of coffee just how I like it, and I drank a cup on the way to church tonight.

Ya'll, pray for me that I can stick with this... I am the most unorganized person in the world, especially when it comes to money. If someone holds their hand out, I'm more likely to stick money in it than shake it, FOR REAL!! (Ask any "will work for food" sign holder in Greensboro, a couple of them even know my VAN- I AM NOT JOKING!) I'm all about giving when I have some to give.

Anyway, here's to a successful day numero uno!!

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