Thursday, February 26, 2015

White blank hearts

Today we woke to a snowy white sight. Snow happened last night, and covered everything.... everything...

As cold and messy as snow is to my mama-mind, every single time it happens, I fall in love with it again. Before my kids run outside and make their snow angels, snowmen and snowballs, I always feel like I must steal away for a moment in the quiet serenity of white beauty. 

And every single time, I'm reminded of how much He loves me

In my yard, we have less grass and more dirt. We have piles of toys on the playground, some old and cracked and probably need to be trashed. My husband has a pile of old pallets left over from our pallet wall project last year, and several broken things to be taken to the metal scrap yard. But when it snows, all of those broken down, damaged, dirty things-- they are covered with a beautiful white layer of glorious snow just like everything else. All of the ugly is hidden, and all that you can see is pure white... gleaming and reflecting the light of day. 

And in this, I am so thankful for His covering over all my sin ugliness, and how His covering makes me a beautiful reflection of Him. He takes our stony dark hearts and gives us white blank hearts on which He alone can write a sweet story of His redemption. 

Thanks for the reminder God...

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