Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Since I'm working on something at the computer, I figured I could take a minute before rushing out the door to get Lady M from gymnastics to catch up...

Me, the girls, the hubby and Baby Bito are all still doing great. We've been fighting a losing battle in the last several weeks against our house. First the plumbing under the kitchen sink went out. I woke up one morning to a semi-flooded kitchen (fun, fun!!). So we tackled that project over the course of a few days, and decided to go ahead and replace our leaky kitchen faucet at the same time. Several hundred dollars later, and one project was done!

THEN- last week our well pump decided to quit on us. My husband was in the shower and apparently had just soaped up, when all of a sudden, the water cut off. He managed to get all the suds off before he climbed under the house to dirty himself again, checking the pressure on our water tank. The verdict- the entire pump had to be replaced. After about 4 trips to Lowes and nearly overdrawing our checking account, we got a new well pump and running water again.

(Anyone wanna buy our house yet???)

Since then, my washing machine takes about 3 hours to do one load of clothes if it's on the cold/cold setting, something apparently has damaged or clogged the cold water line. We took the inlet hoses off, and made sure they were clear (which they were), and we still can't figure out what the problem is. Oh well, I've been testing the tags on several garments to see if they can withstand a warm/cold cycle instead... so if you see us in real life and our clothes look a little shrunken, you'll know why :)

Oh- and my birthday was last Friday... and Mother's Day was Sunday. My sweet girls made me cards, and my "adopted" brother made me a chocolate cheesecake.... which I have been over indulging on since I got it Sunday :)

SOOO--- that's it for the most part. I'm 23 weeks along and trying my best to clean out the bonus room and guest bedroom so that Lady M can move and Baby Bito can have her old room. We'll see if it happens in the next 17 weeks... in the meantime, I'm praying something else on our house doesn't decide to stop working.... (please God, let our air conditioner keep working!!)

Until next time...


  1. Geez, so much going on at once must have been hectic! Yikes! I hope you had great birthday and mother's day! Many blessings.

  2. So glad your pregnancy is going well! Happy Late Birthday and Mother's Day! :)

  3. Bless your heart. So sorry to hear that everything is falling apart. Sounds like my house!! Glad your pregnancy is going well.


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