Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Names, names and more names...

So we've started the big undertaking of trying to find a suitable name for little Bito. It's early, but we started working on a name for Miss Priss just as early and didn't settle on a name for her until just a couple of weeks prior to her birth... it became a rather stressful task. (oh, in case I didn't mention in a previous blog, IT'S A BOY!!)

I need help.

I have had boy names picked out with both of our girls, but it appears the names I picked way back then have become the very most popular names for this and last year (I've been saying for years that people tap my house and listen in on my conversations, it always seems that when I come up with a cool invention that it's on the market within a year- and no credit to me, of course).Frankly, I'm not in the business of giving my kids common names. Miss Priss is much more common than Lady M, but even still, it's not something she'll share with too many people.

Do you wanna help me? We've pretty much settled on one name, but I'm not telling what it is right now, since I don't want everyone naming their babies the same name!!  I'd love to hear what kind of boy names you can come up with that you think would fit well with sisters Lady M and Miss Priss, and with our last name... which I don't want to disclose either (2 fraudulent charges on our debit cards in one year will make you very leery about giving out info).  It's probably still attached to a previous blog post somewhere, but if you are nice enough not to search, it's a German last name with two syllables that starts with a "B".

AND--- if we choose your name to go with the other one we have picked out, there may just be something in it for you.... I'm working on a prize!!!  You know you just love to name babies, so go for it! Give me your best names....

and thanks in advance for the help!!


  1. Well since we live in NC...and you want something that goes with Mercy and Ivy...I'm thinking Paullen (as in pollen). Ivy is a plant and pollen is associated with plants/weeds/trees and Lord have Mercy on us with this pollen mess. I kid!

    I obviously like traditional so I won't be much help!

  2. My son's name is Dade but I think that sounds to hard with Mercy and Ivy, but I have a special soft spot for boy names that start with "D". So what about Deacon or Declan. Unless of course your last name is Beacon, because that would just be wrong wrong wrong...
    What are some other names that you like besides the one you have tentatively choosen.

  3. I see you have a "y" thing going on at the end of your girl's names, so what about Emory. I think Emory, Ivy and Mercy all go together. :) Riley would also work. I think they are both cute and unique names. ;) Happy baby name choosing and I wish you the best of luck! :)

  4. You know I love a prize!!! Now I have a new project!

  5. To keep with your 2 syllable, ending in Y theme....I've named your Baby Bito .... Wally! It's not too common. How many people do you know named Wally? I have also decided to give you alternate choices. You may also choose Daylen or Ethan. You're welcome...where's my prize?? <3

  6. I'm partial to William. It's the middle name we used for Josh plus it might remind you of your maiden name...? It's not the most uncommon name, but it sounds like royalty and goes well with Mercy and Ivy. It also makes me think of England and for some reason Ivy does too. I know that's a little weird - sorry! :)

    I also like Elijah, Finley, Issac, Sawyer, Andy, Henry and Lucas for various reasons.


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