Friday, April 9, 2010

Catching up with a 5QF!!

HEY!! Guess what? I'm back on my blog (at least for today :)). It's been super busy and crazy these last few weeks, and although I've so wanted to post a Thoughtful Thursday, I just haven't felt too inspired-- there's a lot of stuff going on IRL so it's tough to sit down and focus on writing... but I'm hoping for a calm soon so I can get back in the swing of things (plus I have a product to review very soon.... stay tuned!!!). 

In the meantime.... 


Questions for Friday, April 9th: (Thanks to ReneePamLulaLolaRobin, and Me!! for their question suggestions! Wanna be linked in a future 5QF? Head on over to myBlog Frog community to offer up YOUR best question suggestions! Oh, and does anyone think we need to start a fresh thread for 5QF over there? Sometimes, I feel lost with all the questions over there!)

1. Who would you want to play you in a movie of your life?

In high school, I was compared to several movie stars (by looks), although I think/thought I looked like NONE of them. A few people said Melissa Gilbert from her Little House on the Prairie days, a few said Molly Ringwald, but the most unusual and frequent name that I got was...

Julia Roberts.

No lie. I still to this day think I look NOTHING like her, but it was so commonly brought up, something must have made people think of her when they looked at me. When I was working at my first job at Food Lion as a cashier, a woman approached me and said her daughter wanted my autograph because she thought I was "Pretty Woman". HA!!! 

Again, I look NOTHING like her...

As for today, I think I could probably get away with Kathy Bates or something...

2. Did you ever go to summer camp?

Since I was from a family of 5 kids, we didn't get to go to summer camp. Just too expensive. However, I did go to band camp twice in high school since I was in marching band. 

(and no it was nothing like they portray it on the movie American Pie)

3. What sends you running and screaming in the other direction?

Snakes,usually. If I'm not caught off guard by them, I usually just sit still and see where they go, but if I happen upon them when I'm not prepared, it's a scaaaaaaary situation all together. 

4. What is something you do that drives your spouse nuts?

Probably reminding him to chew with his mouth closed.... he can't stand that

5. What is currently your favorite song?

Grr, that one is too hard. My favorite song changes sooooo often... but I have to say I've been listening to this one a lot lately...

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  1. not sure what's going on with the fonts, I always have trouble with that on 5QFs

  2. I used to get that I looked like Julia Roberts all the time, too. It's so odd...I don't look anything like her.
    Nice answers and cute blog!

  3. That's such a good inspirational song, kinda goes along great with the one I picked! :)
    Have a great Friday!


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