Monday, February 22, 2010

Music Monday!!!

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 It's Monday, and I'm finally jumping back into somewhat of a routine... I haven't been sick in about two weeks, so hopefully the "morning" sickness is OVER!! So since things are beginning to level out, I'm jumping back into one of my most favorite memes, MUSIC MONDAY!! If you wanna join in, click the button and go visit Tara at Keeping Up With The Kellys. Today's theme is to pick a song from your favorite band artist. Well, for me, that's nearly impossible. I don't think I've actually had a favorite band or artist for some time now. I listen to so much music, all the time, all different kinds... it's just too difficult to narrow it down...

Today I chose this new recording of Third Day and Brandon Heath doing a cover of Rich Mullin's song "Creed". Third Day has been a long time favorite of mine, I've listened to them since nearly the beginning of their career. I got Brandon Heath's first album the week it came out and have been hooked on his pure voice ever since... his voice very much portrays his heart. I met him once, and found him to be so ordinary and humble, with a real heart for God. As for the song, it's also a long time favorite. Rich Mullins was an artist who wrote his songs and sang them in a totally different way, and I still think no one can be compared to his stylings musically. He told a story with his lyrics, in a way no one else in today's music can quite match. This cover song is SO amazing, and I'm sure if Rich Mullins were alive today, he would be very impressed himself.

Hope you enjoy, and have a fabulous week!!


  1. Yep, Third Day is one of my favorites too! I had never heard this song before. Glad you are feeling better and could join us today!

  2. wow!!! that was fantasic!!!! Third day and brandon Heath both somem of my favs!!!!Thanks for shating!


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