Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February Resolutions

Again, I'm a little behind, since it's the end of the 3rd day of February...

Because I'm trying to keep these goals as realistic as possible, I'm carrying over the ones that I need to keep working on and am adding just a couple more...

February Resolutions 2010
(January Resolutions carried over in purple)

  • Say no to sodas!! 
  • Watch less TV. 
  • Blog about more interesting things!!   (I deemed this one irrelevant for now)
  • Be more active.
  • Be more diligent about growing my faith.
  • Stop the clutter!  (I've established a bit more organization and am changing bad habits)
  • Comment on more blogs!!  (doing much better)
  • Send out at least 3 cards this month.
  • Make a remodeling plan.
  • Spend more "alone time" with my kids individually.
  • NEW FOR FEB-  Set daily goals and accomplish them
    Since I've been sick on and off (as if I haven't told you that enough already!!), my house looks very much like a disaster zone. Thankfully, Lady M has really stepped up and has proven herself to be a magnificent cook, even at 8 years old. Even still, things like dusting, vacuuming,  mopping, etc, have sort of fallen to the back burner. The most important things are done when I have those small bursts of energy now. However, as I KNOW there will be more days ahead where I'm feeling fine, I need to make at least 3 goals every day to get done. Things like "vacuum", or "straighten Miss Priss's bedroom", or "plan meals". That way, I can slowly get my house back in order and feel accomplished, instead of like a lazy sick lady.
  • NEW FOR FEB- Stay home more often.
    With the recent bad weather here in the Triad of NC, I have been forced to stay home more than I usually do. But I realized today the benefit of that. First, we aren't eating out as often. Second, I have much more money in the bank than if I'd been out driving around the world and buying stuff I really didn't need. So it's a new goal.
  • NEW FOR FEB- Stop worrying about the baby.
    That one is a bit more tough, but I know I can do it. I have placed my trust in God, since He's the only one who can make this baby grow to full term and be okay. And although I've verbalized that time and again, there are times, like right before I fall asleep, when an overwhelming anxiety will attack me. All I can do then is pray and give it back to God, but sometimes, it's easier to sit and rationalize it away, or if I'm really tired, get caught up in it.  The biggest part of this goal will be that if I can get to the end of February without Baby losing his/her heartbeat, I will have carried this one longer than any of the last 3.  I figure the best I can do is to relax, and let God do His thing :)

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