Monday, January 18, 2010

Music Monday

Yay!! I love looking forward to Monday's so I can participate in this meme!! If you wanna join in, click the button and hook up with the fun times at Tara's blog, Keeping Up with the Kellys.

Today's theme is "pick a song from your wedding".

Funny story: Boss and I were engaged on January 2, 2005. He bought tickets to a Carolina Panthers game
for me for Christmas 2004. I know, most women would not love that gift, but I LOVE FOOTBALL!! So it was perfect for me. We were at the last game of the season for the Panthers, and before the game, Boss popped the question. I'm so glad he didn't do the cheesy over-the-giant-screen-in-the-middle-of-the-stadium- proposal, because I probably would've said no. After the game, he told me he decided to propose pre-game in case the Panthers lost, because he thought it may spoil my mood and I'd say no :)

Anyway, we started planning a small wedding for April, because I've never been the kind of girl to dream of a wedding. I truly never, ever, ever, ever pictured myself, not even as a little girl, as a beautiful bride in a flowing white gown. So we didn't need a lot of time to plan.

March rolled around, and we were looking at spending money, and spending money, and spending money. So, on the 15th of March, I woke up, got ready for work, and on my way there, got a wild hair. I called Boss and said, "Hey, let's just go to the courthouse and get married." He was surprised, but agreed. He called his best friend to come along as a witness, so I was married by the Clerk of Court in Randolph County :)  And it was all I needed.

However, since I was a single mom at the time, Lady M did not believe we'd gotten married. She thought a formal wedding ceremony had to take place and she had to be there. So, we went ahead with plans to have a teeny tiny church wedding on our originally scheduled date of April 30. We invited people by phone, I ditched the big dress we'd bought in February, and wore a simple sun dress. The ceremony was sweet, with Boss saying vows to Lady M as well as me, and Lady M came away with a ring too (only she lost it the very next day.)

So, at our teeny tiny ceremony, two songs were played.... and here they are:

This was my song to Boss:

And this was his song to me (which we saw performed live at the best Valentines Day concert ever)


  1. I love that he said the vows to you both and Mercy received a ring too. My mom had the second song played when she remarried. Matter of fact, I chose it for her;-) so I really like it myself!

  2. That is so sweet to include your daughter. I love it.

  3. Sweet story! :) I love how your daughter got a ring too. :)

  4. Okay, first, I am a HUGE Panthers fan that is super cool.

    Second, we did our wedding quickly too. We planned it in 6 weeks...we didn't really see the point in waiting. We did a small outdoor wedding at my mom's. It was small and inexpensive but still more stress than I cared for. ;)

    Love those songs! Very sweet.


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