Wednesday, January 6, 2010

KiD wItTy WeDnEsDaY

*********** KiD WiTtY WeDnEsDaY**************

It's Wednesday! The day we celebrate kids funny sayings. What did your kids, cousins, nephews, nieces say this past week that made you laugh out loud? Link up on the McLinky and post about it on your blog! Go to Mindi's blog for the link up!

Last week was so busy for me, but was nice. Boss was off work from Wednesday thru Sunday (which is like a VACATION!!), which meant we tackled our crazy bonus room mess. It was so much fun (believe it or not). We got tired and silly and nearly crushed our toes with furniture when we started laughing (why do you get weak when you laugh?) .

Onto the funny things my kids are saying now.

Yesterday, Lady M finished reading one of her assigned "homeschool" books called "Catwings". This unit, we're studying the fantasy genre, and this was the first book for her to read. I asked her to tell me what the book was about.

"Well, there were these cats born with wings, which is weird. They lived in a dumpster, and ate trash, then this owl came along and tried to attack them, so they ran away and hid. Then this girl found them and she told her brother, 'Hey, I found these cats and they have wings',  and her brother said, 'No you didn't, cat don't have wings'--- and he's right, cause cats don't have wings. But then the sister showed him, and they took the cats with wings home with them and the owl didn't mess with them anymore."

I love that she had to add in the fact that "he's right, cause cats don't have wings". I had to re-explain what fantasy meant.

After our Christmas program at church, Lady M, Miss Priss and I were on our way home when Lady M launched into this.

Lady M :"Mom, Katie and Laura at church said they've had sex before."

(GASP!!!!) These are two sweet little 8 or 9 year old girls at church. After I coughed up my tongue, I replied.

Me : "Lady M, Katie and Laura probably don't know what sex is. I doubt they know anything about it."

Lady M: "Too bad I do."


Lady M: "Yeah, remember when I asked you about that before? Remember, I told you about it?"

And in washed the relief, since my child thinks that sex is when a man and a woman are kissing in the bed and sometimes rolling around on top of each other. No nudity, no private parts, no nothing that an eight year old is WAY too young to know about.


Miss Priss was so very much into Christmas. That's gotta be one of the best things about being a two year old, you're finally starting to understand what's going on, and boy is it exciting!!

We have this table in our living room....

As you can see, Miss Priss likes to hang things on the curly things underneath. The week of Christmas, this became a place for most of the decorations/ornaments from our tree. Miss Priss decided that she needed to camp out underneath the table. When I asked her what she was up to, she said, "This my home, Mommy. This my Trismas Tree, don't you tink it's bee-ful?? (beeful = beautiful)".

Of course, I had to say yes.

She then moved her arm/hand Vanna White style over the span of the living room, "Is this your home Mommy? Oh my, it's beeee-ful, you think it's bee-ful Mommy?"

Again, I had to say yes. Ever since then, Miss Priss thinks all things are bee-ful. Too cute!!

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  1. Thank the Lord our girls are so clueless about this world:)


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