Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Great idea...

Yesterday I got a comment from Kathryn at Singing in the Rain, stopping by from the SITSta-hood. She has a very cool way of promoting blogs that she's getting up and running later this week, called a Button Swap! All you have to do is go get her button, post it on your blogpage, and she'll come get your button after you leave a comment. If you go read her post, you can find out how to be the featured blogger on her blog on Wednesdays. Since my blog recently moved and not all of my followers came with it ( :( ) then I would love to be able to get a bit more traffic coming my way.

Here's what I'm asking from you. If you click on over to her blog, and decide to participate in the Big Button Swap, please, please please oh puh-lease, tell her I sent you. Post a link back to my page, http://www.made-in-secret.com/, so Miss Kathryn will know I sent you.

What do you have to lose? Free promotion for your blog, and helping out 2 fellow bloggers, Kathryn and me .... go for it!!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks so much!! I will add your button now! And thanks for posting about it, you are so sweet!

    I noticed you were a Christian. I am too! When I first saw your blog, I wondered if the "made in secret" from your blog was from that verse! :)
    Anways have a wonderful day! :)


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