Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Kid Witty Wednesdays

So I'm jumping on Mindi's blog carnival again this week....

****************** KiD WiTtY WeDnEsDaY*********************
It's Wednesday! The day we celebrate kids funny sayings. What did your kids, cousins, nephews, nieces say this past week that made you laugh out loud? Link up on my McLinky and post about it on your blog! Don't forget to link back to Mindi's blog. :)

Woo-hoo! It's almost Christmas!! I'm done with my shopping (as of yesterday, yes I'm a procrastinator!!)

So Miss Priss has a new thing she does.... every time she wants to get into something she knows she's not supposed to, she tells me "Mommy, you go sit at the 'puter" . I guess that means I spend too much time in this chair not paying attention to her!!

Yesterday, I found her in front of her princess vanity in her bedroom, smearing some B&BW lotion all over herself. She said, "I'm takin' a bath".

She's also taken to pretending to be everyone else in the house instead of herself. For example, she'll come up to me and say, "Bye Mommy, I'm going to work. I'm Dad. Bye Mommy, I yuv you."

(I don't think she realizes that Dad doesn't call me Mommy)

Then there's the times she pretends to be Santa. She puts on her Santa hat (that just so happens to have Baby's 1st Christmas on the front of it from her 1st Christmas), and says "Ho ho ho, I'm Sint Taus (aka Santa Claus). Mommy, look, I'm Sint Taus. Whattayou want for Trismas?"

I love toddler talk!

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  1. Oh my is that cute! My son says "Close the computer mommy. You're not working!" ;-)

    Merry Christmas!



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